The Second Master

“I”m so happy to see you, Liane. Did the preparations go well?”
“Yes sir, most of it, sir.” I looked at the ground while answering.
Sometimes the customers requested preparations, I guessed to make the semblance of owning a slave more real. This was my fourth appointment with Master Luc, a kind Dominant who was in his forties. He had cropped blond hair and intense green eyes.
“Most of it, darling?”
“Yes sir, but I did shave, sir.” I had had better things to do than play with a plug in my ass every night. A girl had to make a living after all.
“That at least counts for something. Are you ready for tonight?”
“A bit anxious, sir.”
He stroked my hair. I perched up so I could receive his touch.
“Have I ever hurt you?”
“Yes, you have sir.”
“Intentionally? Have I ever given you pain you couldn’t endure?”
“No sir.”
“Then tonight won”t be any different. Let’s go upstairs.”
I turned around and went upstairs. At the top of the stairs, I halted.
“Proceed to the bedroom.”
I entered the room and awaited further instructions.
“Strip and get into position.”
I took off my dress and got on the bed on my knees, head down and ass up.
“Spread your cheeks.”
I reached underneath me and did as he asked. He walked to the left of me, petted my head and walked to my right.
“This looks very good. And now for tonight’s subject.” He stood behind me and slapped my ass. “Looking very good too, I’m a lucky man to be able to play with this.” He bowed down and kissed my ass. “I promise to use all the lubricant you’ll need, okay?”
“Yes, sir.” It felt so open and awkward, lying like this.
“So your preparations didn’t go as desired?”
“No sir, I’m sorry sir.”
He scoffed. “I don’t care. You know what we agreed upon. I will fuck you in the ass tonight. Had you used the plug as suggested, things might have been easier for you. I will go easy and slow, I’ll promise you as much.”
I gasped as he pushed his slippery finger deep inside me.
“And this is just the beginning, love.” Slowly he moved his finger in and out.
My body had to get used to the alien feeling. Luc removed his finger and pushed two in. I inhaled sharply. He stroked my ass when he was all in.
“You’re doing very well.” He finger fucked me like this for a while. He moved away from me, opened a drawer and approached me. Without any announcement, he put a blindfold around my head. The next instant I felt his warm lips on mine. Our tongues played an intricate dance.
“Put your hands in front of you for now.” He pushed my head down towards the bed until my lips connected with something plastic. “Hold this and suck on it.”
I put my hands around it and identified it as a buttplug, which was not really a surprise.
I sucked it as I would a man’s member. I got the toy wet with my tongue and sucked it in as most men would like. The taste and smell of plastic were intrusive and disgusting. I worried even more. This plug felt a lot bigger than the practice one I had at home. Was he sure this would fit inside me?
“Okay, give it to me.” He took the plug from out of my mouth. “You did a good job, but I’ll lube it up some more.” I heard him squirt some from a tube or bottle. “Head on the bed lay still and try to relax.”
I tried to breathe easy as he had shown me the last time. The cold sensation startled me. The beginning of the plug was small, so that was not an issue. While turning the plug, he pushed it in a little deeper every time. Soon I was breathing heavily. It felt good, but scary at the same time. Surely I couldn’t fit anymore?
“It’s halfway in, my love. Remember to relax and breathe.”
Half in! He must be kidding. Relentlessly he pushed on. To my surprise, it still didn’t hurt. It was uncomfortable, and it felt alien.
“I can tell you haven’t practiced. You’re even tighter than the last time.” He pushed some more and then the plug was all in. He slapped my ass. “Well done girl, let’s go again.” I groaned. I had hardly caught my breath again. He pulled the toy out of me and fucked me with it until it was inside me again. Even though this could not make me come, it did feel good.
Suddenly the door flew open.
“Luc, present.”
I felt some stumbling on the bed.
“Yes Master,” I heard the man say, who I had presumed to be my dominant.
I felt the blood rush to my face as I realized I was literally butt-naked in front of a stranger. I hadn’t known anything of a second player tonight. Was he going to pay for my services as well?
“So what exactly is going on here, Luc?”
“I was training my submissive, Master, just like you have trained me.”
“I see. Is she any good?”
“Yes Master, she’s very good.”
It was like I could feel the man’s eyes upon me.
“Well, then, show me. Fuck her ass.”
My heart skipped a beat.
“Ah well, ehm, Master, we were working up to that. In our current training program, we figured she would be ready for that in another two weeks.”
“I am here now, I’m not gonna be here for another two weeks, so do it now. Or else I’ll do it. What’s it gonna be, boy?”
“Your wish is my command, Master.”
Wow, that sounded freaky, and the prospect of this dominant fucking me tonight was as well.
“In the meantime, girl, you get to suck me. I don’t want to get bored.”
I don’t know how and where he sat down, but before I knew it, a penis was pushing against my face.
“Ever sucked a dick before, girl?”
“Yes, sir.”
The slap on my face with his hand was unexpected.
“I am Master to you, don’t you forget it.”
“Yes, yes Master, I won’t forget it, Master.”
He pushed my face unto his latex-covered penis.
While I was trying to please him with my mouth as best as I could, Luc had removed the plug from my ass. I heard him put on a condom, put the plug away and felt the bed dent as he climbed behind me. Luc’s penis was big, very big, that”s why we hadn’t attempted this before. So far in my career as a prostitute, I had always skipped anal. My breath halted when I felt him put his cock at the entrance.
“Don’t you stop sucking, girl, and don’t you dare bite.”
I tried to reply, but that was difficult with him in my mouth. Consciously I tried to relax, but the circumstances were too distracting. He started to apply pressure. There was enough lube. A drop of it hit my lower leg. I could tell he pushed harder, but then he slipped away. I inhaled sharply. Again he applied pressure. I tried to use all the tactics he had taught me.
A sting on my face startled me.
“Pay attention, girl, to the job at hand, well, at mouth actually.” He chuckled at his own joke.
Slowly but surely Luc entered me. The ring of my anus burned at the intrusion. I tried to ignore it and focus on the dick in my mouth. Luc was very sweet about it. He had entered me slowly and carefully and was still going very slow about it.
“Well, go on boy, fuck her already.”
“I’m trying to Master, it’s just, you know, the first time, and she’s narrow and…”
Master sighed. “Fine, I’ll help.” He removed his dick from my mouth and walked away.
A slap sounded the room.
“What did you forget, boy?”
“Sorry Master, I forgot to call you Master.”
“Damn right. Bend over, so that I actually have some room to do something.”
Luc bent over me. His dick slipped out of me.
“Put it back into her. I’m helping you fuck her.”
“Yes, Master.”
Luc reentered me. It hurt, but not so bad now. I was listening intently, trying to figure out what would happen, but all I heard were some sloshing sounds I couldn”t place.
“As I fuck you, you will fuck her, kinda like teaching someone to walk. Is that understood?”
“Yes, Master.”
Luc”s body responded to the other man’s intrusion, and he entered me deeper. I moaned at the deep and wide intrusion.
“Good, now let her take it all.”
Luc pushed deeper and deeper into me, faster than he had before. I thought it was taking forever. Finally, I felt his belly at my buttocks. I was takencompletely , by this man, as he was by another.
“I’m all in, Master.”
“Good, now out.”
The ‘plop’ sound of the Master’s penis’ removal was there earlier than Luc’s.
As he was all out of me, I inhaled deeply.
“Now let’s up the tempo. I’ll lead the rhythm.” The Master seemed to be enjoying himself. I hadn’t even been able to get a look at him. I could hear and feel the rhythm the Master was applying. Surely Luc wasn’t going to do that deep inside of me?
Unfortunately, yes, he was, and he did. With short deep strokes, he fucked deep inside of me. Every slap I could feel his balls slapping against my ass. I lay with my head on the bed. The whole room smelled and sounded like sex. I was moaning, mainly in pain and from the intrusion. Luc was moaning, and even the Master was making little sounds.
“Okay, stop and withdraw.”
Luc withdrew.
“Turn her over and remove that piece of cloth, I want to see her face when I spill my seed deep inside her.”
Luc picked me up and put me on my back as if I were no weight at all. I blinked against the lights as he removed my blindfold. He stepped away. Finally, I saw the illustrious Master. He was a tall man with dark hair and a golden necklace around his neck.
“Put your hands above your head and keep them there.”
He put his dick at my ass and by plunging his weight on top of me, empaled me with it. Because of the different position, this felt weird. His dick wasn’t as big as Luc’s, but the difference can’t have been much. It was still far from pleasant.
“Now you go in, Luc.”
Luc got behind his Master and entered his dick inside him. I could feel him trembling at the intrusion. His dick got even harder and deeper inside me. He pushed my knees to my head, so he had better entrance. Both of the men started to fuck, slowly at first, but harder as both got more excited.
“Don’t you dare come before me, boy. As I come, you can.”
After he said that he closed his eyes and seemed to concentrate on his orgasm. His necklace kept dangling in my face. Again I was moaning. For me, this didn’t feel good. It hurt, it was uncomfortable, and I didn’t even know the guy fucking me. And his sweat smelled.
His eyes went to some faraway place, beyond the headboard of the bed. He moaned a few short moans before a long one. “Here’s my seed, bitch, how do you like that?” I heard Luc fuck him harder and then come as well.
The Master got up from the bed. “It’s a nice ass, boy, maybe you should try filling it with cream next time.”
He tapped Luc’s cheek.
“Clean me.”
To my disgust, Luc sucked the man’s dick entirely, the dick that had just been inside two different anuses. Gross.
“Ha, from the looks of it she never has had the pleasure. Maybe next time, girl.” He tousled my hair. “So what do you say, now?”
In confusion, I looked at Luc. He had knelt down and bowed his head.
“Thank you, Master.”
I hurried to do the same. “Thank you, Master.” I kept my eyes firmly on the floor. The next thing I heard was the door being shut. I glanced up. Luc and I were alone.
“That’s the man I owe my allegiance to. If anything, it did speed up your training.” He threw my clothes at me. “Good night.”
Dazed and amazed I sat down on the bed. What the hell had happened? This was it? While shaking my head, I put on my jeans. I got dressed and left the house quietly. I was not going to be able to sit for a week. I looked inside the envelope he had put inside my jacket. Well, I was $500 richer. At least that would pay the bills for a while. That was more than twice the usual rate. It definitely compensated for being surprise ass-fucked by a second master.

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