Dominated by the Customer

It was one of those days. Apart from the fact that the whole world seemed to hate Mondays, this particular day seemed to hate me as well. I had missed my bus so that I had been half an hour late at work. Apart from a reprimand by my boss, my colleague had called in sick, so I now had to do her work and stay for her shift after mine. After handling the first customers from behind the register, my mood had sunk below zero. I mean, who cares whether the 2 cent discount hadn’t been deducted by the computer or that I couldn’t give a cash-back this early in the morning because the only money in my drawer was the money I started with. Really!
I guess it must have been visible on my face.
“Good morning,” the customer said.
“Good morning sir,” I replied, more out of habit than out of some real wishes for the goodness of his morning. I quickly scanned his articles.
“Rough morning?”
I looked up at him. He was a man in his forties, not too tall, dressed casually and he seemed genuinely interested. He wasn’t particularly handsome, but there was something attractive about him.
“Yes, you could say that,” I replied with a sigh. “That’ll be 9,55 please.”
“Here you go.”
He handed me a twenty. I gathered the change and extended my arm to him. He took the money, but in doing so held my hand. I looked up, somewhat confused. He put his business card in my hand. He had a twinkle in his eye like he was slightly amused by a joke he didn’t want to share.
“I want you to call me tonight at 8.” The intensity with which he said this startled me.
He packed his groceries and walked away without looking back, leaving me all confused. I didn’t have time to ponder this curious exchange because the next customer was already waiting. I put the business card in the back pocket of my trousers and continued with my work, all the while contemplating this meeting.

The rest of the day was tedious, but every time I thought back to the strange encounter, I felt butterflies in my stomach. It had been quite some time since I last had a date and I couldn’t remember the last time a man had shown the slightest interest in me. A couple of times I even pulled out the business card he had given me to make sure it was real and the whole scene hadn’t been some figment of my imagination.

That evening at 7:45 I pulled out the business card again. ‘James Haley’, the card read. The card seemed to be personal because it didn’t state any company or occupation. Just his name and telephone number. How many girls would he hand this card out to if he had them printed especially for this purpose? Why would I even call him? Well, at least I knew the answer to that. Whether he was a professional flirter or player, the spark of life he had given me this morning was more than enough reason to call him. For just a moment, no matter how fleeting it might have been, I had felt alive. The rest of my life consisted mostly of working, eating and sleeping. Apart from reading and visiting the cinema now and then I had few distractions. So even if this telephone call amounted to nothing else but talking to someone else for five minutes, I would be satisfied.
I grabbed my telephone and dialed the number. When I heard the clock strike eight, I hit ‘call.’ The phone rang twice before he answered it with “Hello?”
“Ehm, hello, this is Hanna. You asked me to call you this morning? The girl from the supermarket?” My mouth felt dry, and the butterflies were back in an instant.
“Hello, Hanna. Yes, thank you for calling me. I am interested in meeting you. Are you currently involved with someone?”
Wow, he was direct. “Ehm, no, not at the moment.”
“Good. How about tomorrow evening?”
“Yes, that would be fine.” I didn’t have any appointments anyway.
“All right, 8 o’clock, 22 Culver Street.”
“Is that your place?”
“Yes, is that a problem?” He sounded like he wouldn’t take no for an answer.
“No, I suppose not. It’s just that, well, with security precautions and such.” Always meet up in a public place and such?
“Well, I promise I won’t murder you, all right? That’s settled then. See you tomorrow.” And the call was disconnected.
My palms were all sweaty. I had to take a few deep breaths before I could put the phone away. Wow. I had a date for the next day. That was quite something. But somehow I knew this wasn’t going to be a romantic dinner by candlelight.
I was feeling sick to my stomach all through the night and into the next day, worrying about how this date would go. I had made sure that I was groomed perfectly after finishing the telephone conversation. I had picked the perfect outfit, consisting of a pink blouse on a pair of black trousers. I even shaved myself. Not that I would normally have sex on the first date, but with this man I just couldn’t be certain enough. I had a feeling it could come to that.

I had taken an early bus, so I had to circle the street a couple of times before ringing the bell at 7:55. The houses in Culver Street were regular houses, meant for middle-class families as you could tell by the cars on the driveways. The house seemed too large for a man by himself, but everything seemed well-tended.
James opened the door. “Hello Hanna, come in.”
We shook hands, and I followed him into the house. The interior of the house was pretty large indeed with a modern and minimalistic design. There were definitely no children here.
“What would you like to drink?”
“Some water please.” I stood there uneasily for a while until I decided to sit on the couch. The television was turned off, and there was no radio. It was so quiet in the room I thought I could hear my heartbeat.
James returned with the two drinks and sat down opposite of me in a large chair. “Why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself?”
“Well, you know my name and job. I’m 28 years old, and I live alone. What about you?” I wasn’t sure whether I could ask that question, but I was truly interested.
He leaned over with his arms resting on his knees. “Me? You could say I am an entrepreneur, a typical businessman. Lots of work and little play.” The twinkle in his eyes returned. “So when I do play it has to be good.” I looked away, the sexual innuendo not entirely lost on me.
“Aren’t you interested in how I play?”
‘It probably doesn’t have anything to do with dolls and Lego?” I looked at my knees while feeling immensely embarrassed about that last remark. I hadn’t really said that, had I?
“No, you could say that. If I had to make an equation, it would be about cops and robbers.”
I looked at him in surprise.
“Good guy catches the bad guy, ties him down with rope, teaches him a lesson.” His eyes didn’t just twinkle now, but he looked outright amused. I opened my mouth to answer him and closed it again.
I merely shook my head.
“What, never tried any bondage? Not even some play with scarves with your boyfriend?”
“Maybe once but…”
“Talking about it with me is too much to ask.”
I let out a sigh of relief.
“That’s all right. I’d much rather act it out than talk about it. Would you be willing to try it with me?”
My face was now bright red. “I, er, I don’t know. It, er, frightens me.”
“That’s completely understandable. We won’t try it today. I just think you could enjoy it a lot.”
He moved forward, took my arm and held me by the wrist. “Here’s why.” With his other hand, he lifted my chin up to look at me. “Any other girl would have protested and tried to release her arm. You didn’t.” I let out a small gasp and pulled back my arm. I hadn’t indeed. It felt good to be touched by him.
He sat back. In some strange way, I felt alone. I longed for his touch, missed it already even though it had been what, five seconds?
“And this is why I chose you as my partner for play. Come here and sit with me for a moment.”
I got up and sat down next to him.
“There’s no reason to be afraid of me. I can understand that you are, and that’s fine, but I will not harm you. Okay?” The look in his eyes was sincere.
He pulled me closer to him. His smell was intoxicating, and the feel of his warmth was comforting.
“Let’s finish our drinks and then go to bed, each to our own. I want you back here tomorrow, same time.”

The next day at work I felt more relaxed yet excited at the same time. This meeting had gone very well, better than expected. I couldn’t wait for the day to pass and so that I could go back to him. I wanted to see the things he was going to show me.
“Hi Hanna, welcome back.” He gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek and then stepped aside to let me in.
“Still nervous?”
“Yeah, a little,” I answered with a giggle. I put my coat away and walked into the living room.
“I’ll get us something to drink, make yourself comfortable.” Like the day before I sat down, this time on the couch where I had sat next to him. Maybe he would sit next to me again, and we could cuddle some more. The radio was playing jazz music.
He did sit down next to me. “So did you like our evening together yesterday?”
I looked at the one plant in front of the window. Not a cactus, although I couldn’t name it. “Yes, I did.” The whole night fragments of his words had circled through my mind.
“And you came back for more.” He put his arm around my middle and pulled me close. “I’m glad you did.”
After I finished my drink I leaned forward to put my glass back on the table. Before I could move back, James gripped the extended arm, and bent it to my back, took the other one and tied my wrists together.
My heart rate increased. This was it.
“Is it okay if we start now?” he asked, looking amused.
“Sure.” My reply came out like a whisper. I knew his question was more a formality. I tried to make out what he had used to bind my arms with, but I couldn’t identify it by the skin of my wrists.
He knelt down in front of me, looking serious. Somehow this made me feel even more vulnerable.
“We haven’t discussed safe words yet. Say ‘stop’ if you want me to. Tonight that’s all you have to remember. Enjoy.”
“Okay.” He bent forward and kissed me. Not a simple kiss, but a full kiss on my mouth. I parted my lips, and he entered me. His mouth was strong. It was like the kiss held promises, like a foreshadowing of things to come. My heart rate increased some more.
He broke off the kiss. “I want you to keep your eyes closed, can you do that?”
I nodded quickly, wanting to please him.
He sat down next to me. I felt his hands on mine.
“Do you know how much you’ve turned me on already?”
“No.” My voice was hoarse.
He fumbled behind me till I felt something hard press against me. “And that’s only you.”
His lips brushed my neck. I moved my head sideways to grant him better access. It felt so hot my breathing increased. His lips brushed mine, his tongue barely stroking me.
“Would you like to taste me?” he whispered.
He kissed me deeply. “I’ll untie your hands now, but keep them to your side.”
I moved them to get the blood flowing correctly again.
“Now lay back.”
He sat beside me, and I could feel his hands guiding me. I was more turned on than ever before, my legs had slightly parted, and my breathing was shallow.
“Open your mouth.”
I did. James got up and now stood before me. He stroked some of my hair away. He slid his dick over my lips.
I put out my tongue. He pushed himself over my tongue a few times, then stuck himself deeper into my mouth. I enclosed him with my mouth and sucked carefully. His breathing became heavier. He pushed deeper into me and fell over me so that my head was under his stomach. His hips twitched as if he wanted to start fucking, but he tried to control it. I sucked him as best I could. My hips gyrated as well.
“Put your hand in your pants. Play with yourself. When I come, you come. Not before.” It sounded like he had trouble forming sentences.
I slid my hand into my panties. My fingers got wet with my excitement. I groaned in bliss at the feeling of a hard dick in my mouth and my hand pleasuring me. I felt him respond by now allowing himself to fuck my mouth. He uttered moans as well.
He held still and with a loud moan released himself in my mouth. I coughed and spluttered a bit, but swallowed.
“Come.” It was barely audible, but I heard enough.
I moved my hand in the way I liked best. With him still above me, I reached my orgasm, the best one I ever gave myself. He got off me and laid down beside me.
“You can open your eyes if you want.”
I did and smiled at him looking at me.
“All this without touching you. Had you expected that?” “No never.” Apparently his definition of ‘not touching’ was broader than mine, but who was I to judge.
We laid side by side for a while. He had a work appointment the next day, so we set our next date a day later.

The next days were tough. I could barely concentrate at work. I don’t think I was in love, but I was filled with lust at the very least. What he had done had been so simple yet so fulfilling.
At exactly 8 two days later I rang James’ doorbell.
“Hey, Hanna.”
I closed the door behind me. He pulled me to him in a warm embrace. No French kiss or anything, just a peck on the cheek.
“I’m happy to see you, come on in.” After putting my coat away, I followed him.
“So how are you holding up?”
“I’m doing okay, a bit distracted at work.”
“Really? How come?” His sly smile betrayed his true intention.
“I wouldn’t have a clue,” I replied with an equally sly smile. I looked around me. You could tell this was a man’s house. No decorations, no flowers, everything had a purpose.
“Don’t lie to me. Every minute of your day is filled with nasty images of last night.”
He walked over and stood directly in front of me. “Your body language is giving you away. Look at me and tell me it isn’t true.” He lifted my chin so that I was forced to look at him.
“Yes, it’s true.” I cast my eyes downwards. His smell was intoxicating, but so was his whole presence. It was like this was his true self, and I had been longing for it ever since the previous day.
He lowered his pants and underwear. “So show me.”
This time I wasn’t surprised. It seemed the most natural thing to me.
I put my hand on his cock and massaged him firmly. He had a nice cock, not that I had seen so many in my life, but his was of a good size. It had the perfect fit for my mouth.
I alternated between massaging him firmly and stroking his glans softly with two fingers.
“You know what I want you to do,” he said softly.
I did, and with that, I put his dick in my mouth. I mimicked the soft movement I had made with my fingers with my tongue. I then started to suck him, a little deeper every time. I made long strokes, almost letting him out of my mouth and then all the way in again, for as far as I could take it.
When I looked up at him, he stood there seemingly unperturbed. I stopped sucking. He looked at me questioningly, and I saw his eyes were farther off than he wanted to acknowledge.
“Well, go on. Or would you like me to put it somewhere else?”
I didn’t say anything, but by now I was so excited I was up for anything.
“Out with these pants then.”
I got up and took off my pants and underwear. He turned me around and made me kneel on the couch. I gasped when I felt his fingers between my legs.
“I think you’re ready enough.”
He had only fingered me a little while, but I knew I was wet enough.
My stomach tingled as he covered his dick in latex. He guided his cock into my pussy and pushed into me softly.
I moaned. It felt so good to have a hard warm dick inside of me once again. He pulled almost out of me, only to return with one swift stroke. He fucked me harder and harder until I had to take hold of the couch. He tried to grope my breasts, but as the fucking increased his movements became more erratic. He took hold of my hips and thrust at full speed. It was so intense. Finally, he pushed as far into me as he could. He came deep within me with a loud groan. He moved a few more times and then pulled out of me.
He crashed on the couch. I pulled up my pants and sat down next to him.
“Phew. Too bad I don’t smoke anymore,” James said.
After a few minutes, I had somewhat regained my breath.
“Well, thank you for tonight. We’ll do this again soon if you’re okay with it of course,” he said with a questioning look.
“Yeah sure.” I guessed this was my dismissal, so I got up and took my bag.
James got up too and walked me to the door. “I’ll call you soon.”
And with that, he closed the door behind me. What a strange night this had been. Strange but exciting.

The day after James’ name popped up on my telephone.
“Hi Hanna, it’s James. How have you been today?”
“I’ve been okay, thank you, a bit sore perhaps.” I blushed when I thought back to what had happened the night before and how I could still feel it in my body.
“I hope it’s not too bad. Would you be up for another round tomorrow?”
“Yeah, sure.” I didn’t want to sound too eager.
“Okay, see you tomorrow at eight then.” And the call was disconnected. Was this what others would call a ‘booty call’? I supposed so, but I didn’t mind. I’d secretly been hoping all day this would happen.
At 8 o’clock James opened the door. “Hanna, come in.”
Once the door was shut behind me, he pulled me close to him and hugged me. His scent was enough to get me aroused. “Are you ready for tonight, Hanna? Ready to go a little further this time?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Sir even. I knew you had a submissive streak. Let’s get that into shape tonight.” His look held dark promises.
I had no clue what he was talking about, but if it included hot sex, it was all right by me.
“Come on.” He led me to the living room. “Take off your blouse and bra.”
This was going pretty fast. I looked at him uncertainly, but he merely nodded in encouragement. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and threw it on the couch. I unclasped my bra and put it on my blouse.
“Good, now on your knees, arms behind your back and keep them there.”
There was not even a hint of romance today, but somehow it didn’t put me off. Far from it actually.
“Open wide,” he added.
Before I knew it, he had pushed his cock deep into my mouth. Since I couldn’t use my hands, I couldn’t guide his movements this time.
“Now you make the movements, but no hands.”
I tried to do the same things I had done the first night, but a dick was harder to control with just your mouth. Apparently, I wasn’t doing such a good job, because soon enough his hands were on my face and he was the one controlling the movements. He started to fuck my mouth. With every push, he went a little deeper. His hands circled my neck.
“Relax, don’t try to fight it. I’m going all the way in.” Instead of frightening me that comment got me even more excited. He fucked me so hard and deep at times I had difficulty breathing, but he always released me in time. His cock gradually became larger and thicker than ever, and he went as deep into my throat as he could. This time I did believe I was going to choke, but he was relentless and kept on fucking without any regard for me.
Then, suddenly, he held still, and I felt his hot sperm hit the back of my throat. I was struggling and gargling, but he held me still.
When he was done, he pulled out me. “Suck it clean.”
I swallowed a few times to get rid of the semen and the excess saliva and sucked his dick clean.
“That was passable for a first time. You can move your arms now if you like.”
It was only then that I realized I had kept my arms at my back as he had requested. Strange, I hadn’t even thought about it.
“You can sit on the couch if you like. Give your knees some rest.”
“Thank you.” My voice was hoarse from the rough treatment of my throat earlier. I gladly took a seat on the couch.
James came back from the kitchen with some drinks for us. “Here you go. I have never tasted sperm, but from what I’ve heard it’s not the world’s greatest delicacy ever.”
I grinned, but I didn’t dare say anything. I had the feeling everything I said would be wrong. I was very happy with the water just so I could rinse my mouth a bit. My jaw had almost stopped cramping so overall I felt a lot better.
“Are you ready to continue?” he asked after a few minutes. “Sure.” I quickly drank the last sip and followed him upstairs. “Your hands.”
I extended my arms to him. He fastened a leather cuff around each wrist. I did feel a bit uneasy standing there like that, still half naked. And these leather bonds did make it feel like real S&M. It didn’t feel like just a game anymore, not casual sex.
“Don’t be too nervous, it’ll be a great experience.”
That didn’t sound too comforting, but the look in his eyes seemed sincere.
“Lie down on the bed.”
I climbed onto the bed and laid down on my back. James fastened the bonds to the bed so that I couldn’t move my arms.
“Is this all right?”
“Yeah, it’s okay.”
He stroked the inside of my upper arm. “Good, then let’s get you out of this.”
He unbuttoned my pants and took them off. It was quite a weird feeling. With my hands tied like this, I really had no other option than to submit myself to this man, a man I hardly knew. That was a pretty scary thought, especially when he took off my panties.
His hands started to glide all over my legs and stomach. He wasn’t massaging, but merely touching me. It felt erotic to be touched like that. Ever so softly his fingers slid between my legs and through my labia. To be touched at that place was very intimate, especially since there was nothing I could do about it. He started to finger me, and I started to moan softly in response.
“Don’t get your hopes up, girly, we’re nowhere near getting you to orgasm any time soon.” Nonetheless, his fingers continued to play with me.
He withdrew his fingers. “That was the warm-up, let’s turn the intensity up a notch.”
From the nightstand, he took a blindfold and put it around my head.
I shivered in my bonds, and it wasn’t from the cold.
The next thing I felt was again between my legs. He had spread my legs with his hands and was now back to fingering me. Then one of his fingers pushed deep into my vagina.
“I lubed it up for you, so no worries.”
It? Hmm, maybe it wasn’t a finger inside of me, maybe it was some kind of toy. He fucked me slowly with it. The item slid into me pretty easily, even though it felt quite large. He fucked me slowly with the toy, but once it was all in, he held still.
I could tell by his footsteps that he walked away. I wasn’t anywhere near orgasm, so I just had to lie there and wait.
A burning sensation went through my breast. Then another one through my other breast. I inhaled sharply. I hadn’t even heard James return. The pain in my breasts seemed to subside almost as fast as it had arrived. I then felt it on my stomach, on my upper legs, on my chest.
“Feels good, doesn’t it? Hot candle wax dripping all over your body.”
“Yes,” I replied demurely. I didn’t really know what to make of it. It did feel hot when the wax fell on my stomach, and I automatically flexed my vaginal muscles with the dildo still inside of me.
“Arhg!” Again it felt like my nipple was being burned, but this time it felt more like an ice-burn. Since I felt the trace of water that it left behind, I was pretty sure this was an ice-cube. I squirmed whenever the ice touched my body. He seemed to trace all the parts that had before been hit by the wax. Not exactly the same spot, but the skin around it.
“And now for the wax,” I heard James say, although I had no idea what he could mean.
Again on my breast, I felt a sharp pain. Well, maybe it wasn’t that sharp, but more like a strange sensation. It sounded like he was hitting me with a whip. The strokes startled me more than that they hurt me. He did indeed hit me on every part that had been covered with the candle wax. And it felt strange to admit, but with the dildo still inside me, I did get more and more excited. I wasn’t anywhere near cumming, but getting more and more aroused by the minute.
James detached the bonds around my wrists from the bed. “Turn over and get on your hands and knees.”
Slightly groggy I tried to comply. Without sight that’s harder than you think. Once in position, he clasped my wrists together. He removed the dildo and started to move it slowly. I was definitely turned on by now. I moaned, and my whole body quivered.
Without a word of warning, I felt his finger at my anus. He moved slowly. I had never had anal sex, so this felt uncomfortable.
“Just relax, Hanna. I’m going to make sure this doesn’t hurt. Virgin, I suppose?”
With his other hand, he started to rub my clit. Before I knew what was happening his finger was quite a bit inside me. He started to move it in and out. Much to my surprise, it didn’t hurt and actually started to feel pretty good.
“This offers some potential,” I heard him mutter, more to himself than to me.
Soon enough I was completely lost with what was happening there. He rubbed my clit, fucked my pussy with the dildo and fucked my ass with his finger, but all these feelings seemed to merge together. I still hadn’t cum yet.
When he removed the dildo from my pussy, I was pretty shook up, but I felt him filling me entirely. I moaned loudly. I tried to push my back down as much as possible and offered my ass to him, so he had the best access.
This was not the time for soft, slow lovemaking. He fucked me hard. And when he pushed his finger back into my ass, I couldn’t hold back any longer.
My orgasm seemed to rise from my toes, and I screamed loudly at the height of my sensations. I could feel James holding onto me and keeping me up so he could continue fucking me. Then after three or four more strokes he also came.
We both crashed onto the bed.
After a couple of minutes, James said: “Thank you for tonight Hanna, but it’s now time for you to go home.”
Inwardly I moaned since all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep. I was utterly exhausted.
“Okay,” I uttered, too tired to protest. I got up from the bed, dressed and together we walked to the door. “We’ll talk soon.” And he closed the door behind me. Not even a goodbye kiss after we had shared this much?
Even though I didn’t really know what to make of this booty-call/sex-only kind of relationship, I was excited when he called me to make another appointment.
“Good to see you again, Hanna. Let’s get upstairs.”
I quickly put my coat and bag away and followed him.
Instead of turning right into the bedroom, he turned left. We entered the bathroom.
“We’re starting here tonight. Please strip.”
It seemed he got more impersonal and colder every time, but I complied nonetheless. Because of the cold and the strange atmosphere between us I was shivering like a leaf once I was naked.
He turned around to me with the blindfold in his hand. “Here, we’ll… what’s the matter?”
“Nothing, I just…it’s cold, and I just got here.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. I never realized how this would affect you. It’s just that, I’ve been planning this a long time and it was all I could think about today. Right now all I want is to see it happen.” He pulled me close to him. He smelled like he had just come from out of the shower.
His embrace did make me feel a bit better. His hand had been stroking my back and buttocks, and that had gotten me slightly aroused already.
“Are you now ready to begin?”
“Yeah, sure.”
“Then please get into the bath on your hands and knees like the last time.”
There was no water in the bath, so I thought this was a bit of a strange request. The bath was very cold, and it felt strange like I was in a doctor’s office instead of in my lover’s house.
James put the blindfold over my eyes. Straight away I felt his hand go over my ass and I felt him slide one finger into my anus. My body tensed from the intrusion.
“Just relax, I’ve used enough lube.”
It wasn’t that it hurt, it’s just an intimate spot to be touched. He moved his finger slowly in and out of me. Again, it felt pretty good. It aroused me fast enough.
“I haven’t bound you, but I think you understand to keep perfectly still, right? No matter what.”
I had indeed figured out as much.
He pushed an object into my anus. It seemed like he made a turning motion with it. Again, it didn’t hurt.
“You need to keep still now.”
Suddenly I felt some sort of liquid coming through the object. It was the strangest feeling. I tried to wriggle away, but he held me.
“No, I said keep still. This is what you need now.”
For the first time, I felt really uncomfortable about being in this man’s company, all alone while no one knew I was here. It didn’t hurt, and the temperature wasn’t too hot or too cold, but still.
All the time he held me and stroked my stomach, almost like he wanted to feel the liquid from the outside. After what seemed like an eternity the flow stopped.
“Good, it’s all in now. Just stay in this position.”
He twiddled something with the item inside of me. I tried flexing and relaxing, but nothing seemed to get the thing to move. By now I wanted this stuff out of me. My bowels were starting to get all crampy.
He twisted my nipple. I yelped out of surprise.
“I’ll give you some distraction.”
He cupped my breasts and massaged and twisted the nipples. My body twisted away from the touch, but that hurt my stomach. Then something bit down on my nipple. I cried out in pain. The next instant the same feeling was on my other breast.
“Nipple clamps. Ever felt them before?”
“No…” I panted.
Apparently, there was a chain between them since I heard it rattle as he pulled at it.
“Time to get out of the bath, dearie. You’re going to stand up, and I’m going to lead you to the toilet here, right next to the bath. Once on there, I’ll pull the plug, and you can relieve yourself. Unless you’re not ready for it yet.”
“Yes, yes I am.”
He pulled on the chain between my breasts, and I slowly got up. It was very difficult to move with such an object in my ass. And because of the fluid inside of me, I only wanted to curl up. But if this meant I was going to lose the liquid, then fine.
He helped me out of the bathtub and led me to the toilet.
“And please try not to shit all over my hand.” He fumbled until he had removed the item from my ass.
I tried to hold it for long enough, but I just couldn’t hold it any longer. Relief washed over me when I felt my bowels empty themselves. The smell wasn’t too pretty, but I was happy to be relieved.
The pain on my nipples suddenly worsened.
“Are you still with me? Let’s get you into the shower.”
He tugged on my chain, and I followed him. He cleaned my buttocks and legs and dried off my body with a fluffy towel.
“And now to the bedroom.”
He positioned me on the bed like the last time, on my hands and knees and with my wrists bound together.
“Let’s see if we can utilize this clean ass.”
He put a lot of lube in my ass. He pushed an item into it. It felt bigger than his fingers and even bigger than the item he had just used in the bathroom.
“Just relax.”
I did try to relax, but the further he got the thing inside, the harder it seemed to go. Every now and then he would pull it out to slowly push it back in. That did feel very good.
All of a sudden it was in. It felt so big like I was stretched like never before.
He slapped my ass. “Good girl, almost ready for the final test. Let’s first get these things off of you.”
Without warning, he unclipped the nipple clamps. The pain was so intense I nearly collapsed.
He stroked my breasts. “Let me make it up to you.”
He climbed around me. The next thing I felt was an intense vibration to my clit. Again I almost collapsed, but this time from good feelings. It did make me extra aware of the dildo in my butt, but that didn’t matter. He put his finger inside my pussy, and I felt him slide in. “I think you’re ready now.” His voice was trembling with excitement.
He positioned himself behind me. Slowly turning the dildo, he pulled it out of me.
Within seconds something else was placed at my anus. This felt a lot bigger, and warm? He was going to fuck me in the ass!
“No, James, I don’t think…”
He grabbed me by the hips and pushed himself in. He was large, larger than the toy he had just used, but somehow he still managed.
“You don’t think what?” Ever so softly he pushed himself deeper into me.
I couldn’t say it was a great feeling, but it didn’t hurt. It just felt strange, full.
“I’m going all in.” His grip on me convinced me that I had no choice.
I thought about turning away, but just then he pulled out and back in again, and I moaned. Yes, from pleasure.
“See, I knew you’d like it,” James said, slightly out of breath.
He kept on increasing the rhythm and entering me deeper.
When he was fully inside of me, he put the vibrator back to my clit. Just a few more thrusts of his dick were enough to send me over the edge. During my orgasm, he made a few more thrusts, and he lost it too.
Just like the last time he collapsed on top of me as I collapsed onto the bed. Wow, this had been one of my best orgasms ever. It had been so intense, and there had been nothing I could have done to stop it.
“Well Hanna, time for you to go now.” Even though I had hoped otherwise, this was as I had expected. I dressed quickly, and we walked to the door. “Thanks for everything Hanna, this was the last time we have met. I hope you enjoyed it every bit as much as I did and I bet I’ll be seeing you around.” “The last time? But why?” I didn’t mean to sound desperate, but it surprised me.
“While I appreciate all that we have done together, I would like to leave it here. We shouldn’t get too involved.” He avoided meeting my eyes.
“Oh. It’s just, well, I guess I’ll see you then.” “I guess so.” And he closed the door behind me. Slightly dazed and with a sore body I went home.

He left a gap in my life, that was certain. I had committed to him, but I respected his decision. After all, he hadn’t made any promises. But every time he was at my register at work, I couldn’t help but think about that he had been the first to fuck me in the ass. And from the looks he gave me, I was certain he thought exactly the same.

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